So you just recently got yourself, a new apple watch, but now you’re curious, what are some awesome accessories available for this thing?

Well, don’t worry. We got you covered as we test a bunch of cool accessories for them. I’m gonna go ahead and show you the best charging three in one station that allow to charge all your devices at once and some awesome bands to really allow you to personalize and customize your device as well as giving you the maximum protection for your Apple Watch.

So if you just got a new app watch or you just wanna know what’s delays and greatest accessories above for it, I got you covered.

Belkin 3 0 1 Charging Doc

So I’m gonna go ahead and start off with the accessory that I used day to day. And that is the 3 in 1 charging doc. This is from Belkin, that is originally priced. And the cool thing about this one, unlike third party, once this one actually is Apple MAG Safe certified.

In other words, it won’t fry your internal battery. Like I used to, with my series six Apple Watch, I used a third party that didn’t have the certification.

As a result, that house capacity suffered, unfortunately, but this one, I did a lot of research and this one has been solid and they also sell this on Apple’s website.

So if it’s on Apple’s website, it’s not gonna destroy your apple products. So this one, if you notice could also charge your AirPods and if your iPhone has Mac safe technology, you could just dock it like, so the entire stand honestly looks absolutely amazing.

A lot of people who always see it, always question it too. Like what kind of stand is that? And once I display how it all works, it always like blows their mind.

So it’s, it’s an amazing conversation starter, I guess I wasn’t supposed to be, but it is. So the fact that it gets that much attention, this thing is a must buy.

If your iPhone supports mag safe, not moving along in case your iPhone does not support mag safe. Don’t worry. I got you cover the second best three in one charging agent that serves multiple purposes is this one by anchor.

I had this one for quite a while now. And so far, it’s been solid. Not only is this part like a backup battery, but this part where you dock your apple watch, you could remove and plug it in together.

Belkin 3 0 1 Charging Dock

So you have a, so you could easily take this on the, go on your travels and you have a portable charger for not your T Trone, your AirPods and your apple watch.

And then this dock, you could see it’s a USBC port. You could plug it into your Mac or another USBC device. So you can charge your apple, watch this way as well.

They sell this part individually as well. So if you just want this small charger, you could also get it from anchor’s website. I’ll link it into description, but this is also an amazing standalone piece. And then of course you have the power bank, which is 10,000 milliamp, which is respect football, and it’s really small and minimum, and also supports wireless G charging.

So basically you get a lot from this dock station and when you put it all together, it’s very minimum looks amazing on any nightstand. So this is another amazing dock station that will recommend. And, uh, you don’t need to have mag safe to use this. And no, there’s no fear.

This will fry your device. Like my other one did as this is also Apple certified. Now, if you don’t care about this one, if you think this is too bulky, you don’t care about having an internal backup battery.

Portable Charger From Apple

You may wanna check out this portable charger from apple. It’s somewhat expensive, but the texture feels absolutely amazing. It folds together. So it’s easy take with you on your travels and you could charge your iPhone just like so, and this part opens up. I mean, you could raise it up or lower.

It depends what type of apple watch band you have attached to it. And you could also charge your apple watch this way. It’s super small minimum, super portable. If, if you don’t want like a large nightstand station, you could also substitute with this. It charges us with the, uh, lightning USB to a USBC port.

So it does take advantage of fast charging. And if you have the new AirPods, you also ally attacks them like so because they also now have max safe support.

Full Body Shock Absorbent Case

Now, if you’re finding yourself in the harsh or the most difficult or toughest work environment, you may wanna protect your apple watch.

Now the series seven is set to be Apple’s toughest, apple watch available on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be prone to get scratched or dented up on its corners, which is why I recommend picking up one of these full body shock absorbent case.

They also spice up the look of your app. Watch of course, given it like a GShock vibe. So this new brand is by Elson. And what separates this one from other GShock style shock absorbing cases is that this one actually does support the series seven.

So it does support the larger display, but also the material that they’re using it’s much softer and flexible, but also very durable. And I also like the fact that it’s not unnecessarily bulky to the point where it’s like, it’s it’s own style.

This it’s actually bulky to the point that it’s actually functional and still gives you usability of the display. It does have a nice lift around the display, as you see right here. And the power button is nice and protected.

It’s easy to press down, which is surprising. It’s that material that they’re using and digital crown is also protected and still easy to operate and use all its functions.

So if you’re looking for a shock absorbing case, this one, it’s definitely a case I’ll definitely consider checking out and it’s recently priced too, but now let’s say you’re looking for a more modular way to protect your device, possibly consider checking out U a G uh, the same company that makes these like rugged looking iPhone cases and such to actually make accessory for the Apple Watch.

For instance, this is one of their bands. I think they’re this band’s really nice and highlighted as in this orange spot right here gives it like a nice construction worker vibe, if that makes sense, but this is more up your alley.

The cool thing about this, the material that they’re using is really resistant to sticky stuff like cement plaster more. Yeah, pretty much any like mud debris and stuff like that.

It’s really easy to wipe and keep things clean and nice. And then if you like to add the bumper protection, you could easily just get this and actually works on the series seven new displays you see right here, the edge is like perfectly aligned. This wasn’t intentional alone. Cause this was originally only for the series six. So the fact that this bumper case is fully compatible to be able to slide on and off.

So during those work environments, you could just add the bumper protection and it protects all corners. Speaker cut out power, but in digital crown, everything is nice and accessible while still giving you screen protection as well. And literally these two devices just blend in really well. And yeah, bump protection offers a lot of protection on the corners, which is a plus.


Leather Apple Watch Bands

Now, if you’re looking for other ways to stylize your devices, looking for like some premium, but not too expensive, leather bands check out these, this band right here actually does smell like real leather. When I first opened it up and looks really nice.

It’s nice and thin to the point where that it still flexible, still feels durable and just gives your apple watch a nice premium look. Another awesome apple watch band that would definitely recommend is this one by Patak it’s actually made out a real carbon fiber, super lightweight.

It’s crazy to believe that this is an Apple Watch Band because they already are light enough as it is. But when you hold this one in your hand, it’s significantly lighter and it connects with magnets.

The strips are able to be customized to your wrist size. So if it’s too big, you could remove one of these or add some. They provide the zone ones in the case, as well as a tool needed to remove them. So this but one by Patak is really nice & really does give any car enthusiast, a nice theme on their Apple Watch. And if you like the Silicon style, apple watch bands, I recommend buying the bulk ones on Amazon they’re knockoffs, but they’re made out of the same material.

They’ll get the job done in terms of durability. They should last identical, not even the apple watch ones actually last that long.

So if you wanna have more color choices to choose from, look for these bulk ones & they’re fairly, very inexpensive compared to the official price that apple was charged for their official bands.

Now, with all these bands, you wanna find a way to organize them. So that’s where this wall organizer then comes into place. It’s held together with three and adhesive. If you literally stick it on your wall, you can put this next to your closet and just put the wash bands you like on here, they could hold it up to five and it doesn’t matter what size you have.

It could be the larger or the smaller bands. They’ll all fit in this thing and we’ll easily keep anything we’re looking organize. Now in honorable mention is I still would recommend picking up one of these dock stations.


Algo Charging Doc

It’s by Algo, they utilize the official apple watch charging puck for your apple. Watch you just slide it in and now they have this cool recal design that as soon as you dock your app, watch, it will actually look like it’s a part of the display.

These are really awesome and nice. They’re nicely heavy too. So they don’t easily fall off whenever you dock your watch and they have a bunch of different styles to choose from this one’s of course, this one obviously takes inspirational design off a game boy color, but they have like MacBook and whole bunch of other retro stuff.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive doc that won’t fry your apple watch, because it’s still using Apple’s hardware, this one will be my recommendation.

So there you guys have it. That is the complete guide of literally every essential accessory that’s available, 40 series seven or older app watches.