We are going to be making the apple watch band scrunchies. All right. So the materials we’ll need, you only need some fabric. I just got mine from Walmart and then you’ll also need some elastic cut it to about six inches, depending on your wrist though.


Apple Watch Band Scrunchies

I have a smaller wrist, so mine will be six, but cut it to whatever. You’ll need some scissors, scissors. And then a cutting mat for my fabric, as well as a blade and then a sewing machine.

Last but not, you also need the clips for the apple watch band. You can get these on Amazon. They have 42 millimeters and 38 millimeters and all different colors. I got mine and silver.  So get my fabric cut to half a yard and then you’ll just take it out and then you’re gonna measure it so that it’s three inches across & then you’ll just go ahead and cut it.



The Hot Dog Way

After you have your fabric cut and everything. You’re gonna go ahead and fold it inside out the hot dog way. And then go ahead, increase your fabric down.

Some people like to iron their fabric on this part, but I don’t have an iron, so I just crease it myself. Once you have your fabric folded in the half, the hot dog way, you’re gonna go ahead and put it underneath. And I like to leave a half inch in sea and then you’ll just go a little bit then make sure you back stitch. So that stays.


Go Ahead and Take Your Elastic

So after you have your fabric sew, you’re gonna go ahead and take a safety pin and go ahead and clip that on to the fabric I like to do on the inside of this like little loop here. And then I had to do is just push it down and turn it inside out. So after have your fabric turned inside out, you’re gonna go ahead and take your elastic.


I use six inches on mine and you’re gonna go ahead and put the safety pin through the elastic and push it through on this. So what I like to do is to make sure that all the elastic is inside and then once I kind of pull it through, I pull it slowly. So that can be just right inside of this.

Another Safety Pin

Then you can kind of see that it’s right inside of here, another safety pin and make sure you poke it through the elastic as well, so that it stays just like that.

Then you’re gonna go ahead and find the other safety pin inside of your fabric and put it all the way through. And you’re gonna do the same thing on the other side that you did on the first side, just like that. So once you have your elastic through your fabric, you’re gonna go ahead and put it underneath the sew machine, and you’re just gonna sew a straight line, make sure you back it as well. So then the stitching does not come out.


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